Businessman protects against vandals with Rolladens

Local businessman Eric Elam has equipped two of his buildings with Rolladen Rolling Shutters after windows were broken by vandals using BB guns.

Eric Elam, whose CardSmart Merchant Services is situated at 5425 S. Eastern Ave., had Rolladen Rolling Shutters installed on his business for three reasons.

The company’s two buildings face east, so the morning glare from the sun is no longer a concern in his conference room or entryway.

Second, Elam’s power bill dropped 35 percent as soon as the shutters were installed on his two buildings that now include 15 shutters.

Possibly even more important, however, was the fact that Elam’s windows were being shot out by vandals using BB guns. In fact, many of the other businesses in the neighborhood were also being hit by damage from BB guns.

Even after the shutters were installed, the vandals tried unsuccessfully to damage the windows. The rolling shutters have since prevented against any further damage.

“We had the first ones installed back in May,” he recalled. “Then we added the others to the building next door in July. I was a repeat customer in a matter of months. If you walk into these buildings in the middle of the day, it’s cold as ice.”

The security feature that is combined with the energy is a big factor, he added.
“Anyone who might want to break in would have to go through an awful lot of work to tear off the shutters,” he said.  “I feel much more secure having the shutters, and their energy savings is the plus.

Elam said the service from Rolladen was top notoch.

“I have been here nine years,” he said, “and Rolladen has the same honesty and integrity that I strive to provide as a fellow company owner.”

Elam said he has recommended Rolladen to several friends. “I have always recommended Rolladen without hesitation.”

Rolladen Rolling Shutters has been in Southern Nevada for more than 20 years. The company was formed here by Fran Minnozzi, who discovered the rolling shutters while working as an airline attendant in Europe.

Company representatives custom measure each business or residence and build the shutters in Southern Nevada with parts from Europe. Installation usually takes place four to five weeks after the contract has been signed.

Rolladen has a pair of showrooms in the Las Vegas valley including its original location at 6168 W. Charleston Blvd., just west of Jones. The company is offering 50 percent off installation prices through Oct. 31.

A 15,000 square-foot building at 4405 Wagon Trail Ave., near Arville and and Sunset roads in the southwest valley includes both a showroom and manufacturing area where each shutter order is built.

Further information can be found at, or by calling 8778-1072.