Woman has shutters installed on Summerlin home for safety, sunlight

Linda Raymond had Rolladen Rolling Shutters installed on her Summerlin home 12 years ago and plans to have more added to her home in the near future.

One of the first things Linda Raymond did when she purchased her home in Summerlin 12 years ago was have Rolladen Rolling Shutters installed on two upstairs windows and her downstairs bedroom.

“I love my shutters,” said Raymond, who is a coordinator for the deaf and hard of hearing program for the Clark County School District. “I had them installed because of their energy savings and the fact that they block out the light.

“I can’t sleep when the light is allowed in my house. I also had the one put in my bedroom for security reasons. Nothing beats rolling shutters and I wouldn’t be without them. In fact, I want to have more installed in the near future.”

Raymond said the light issue is especially important for her in her south-facing Summerlin home.

“Most deaf people cannot sleep when there is light allowed in a home,” she said. “We are very visual people, so we are sensitive to the light. I have been deaf since birth, and I have been very concerned about security since I got my first home. My neighbors are not here year round, so I feel much safer with my Rolladens.”

Raymond, a 26-year resident of Las Vegas who moved here from Los Angeles, said the service provided by Rolladen was excellent. While her 1,800 square-foot, two-story Summerlin home is her third residence, it is her first home with Rolladens.

“They treated me very well,” she said. “Many people have asked me about my shutters, and I tell them they are wonderful.”

Raymond said the versatility of the shutters allows her to open the shutters, which can be left in a vented position while still providing security.

“They allow me to air out the home when necessary,” Raymond said. “It’s so nice to be able to do that especially in the spring and fall.”

Rolladen Rolling Shutters cut energy consumption as much as 64 percent while also protecting against fading from the sun light along with providing invaluable protection against burglaries.

Rolladen Rolling Shutters was founded locally by Fran Minnozzi in 1984. The company now has two offices, one at 6168 W. Charleston Blvd., and another at 4405 Wagon Trail Ave., near Sunset and Arville.

Each home or business is custom measured by local sales consultants, while the shutters are made at the Rolladen warehouse. The shutters are usually installed 4-6 weeks after the measurements have been taken.

Further information can be found by calling 878-1072 or by visitingwww.rolladenlv.com.